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Welcome to the journey into School Year 2023-2024 – we hope this handbook can serve as a useful guide!  It establishes expectations for responsible actions on the part of all its citizens.  It includes necessary information for the daily activities of school life. The information included should assist families as they guide their children’s education. The book is arranged so that a page or pages can be printed out and utilized for future reference.  The material covered within this student handbook is intended as a method of communicating to students and families regarding general district information, rules, and procedures and is not intended to either enlarge or diminish any Board policy, administrative regulation or negotiated agreement. Material contained herein may therefore be superseded by such Board policy, administrative regulation or negotiated agreement. Please be aware that the handbook is updated yearly, while policy adoption and revision may occur throughout the year. Any changes in policy, that affect portions of this Handbook, will be made available to students and families through newsletters, web pages, and other communications. As this handbook cannot be as personal a communication as we would like, we address students not directly as “you” but rather as “the student,” “students,” or “children.” Likewise, the term “parent” and “family” is used to refer to the parent, legal guardian, or other person/family member who has agreed to assume responsibility for the student. Both students and parents/families need to be familiar with the Student Code of Conduct which is intended to promote school safety and an atmosphere conducive for learning. As we begin the journey together, we know our school is much more than bricks and mortar; more than rules and regulations; and more than names and faces.  A school is a vibrant community of citizens, young and older, living and working together to accomplish a common goal – the creation of a supportive, fun, and nurturing learning environment. The guidelines and information included in this handbook can help lead us to the attainment of that goal. Kindly read it and use the information provided to help us maintain that feeling of community and a supportive learning environment here at Roaring Brook School.  Feel free to contact your child’s teacher or Susan/me should you have any questions. We can’t wait to welcome you back to RBS!

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