Fall News Letter

October 28, 2022


Dear RBS Family,

 Like in parenting, some weeks in schools are busier than others J, and this has been a wonderfully busy set of days here at RBS, with celebrations that warm our hearts, tickled our funny bones, and made us feel confident that we’re truly setting up our RBS’ers for success in the future. First, we want our learners to see and feel joy in their work here, and if you were able to drive by the building today, you saw our fantastic display of decorated pumpkins – from aliens to gumball machines to (yes…) a Halloween’ed-up-Mr. Sturm, all created by our students with help from our families – the perfect combination of learning experiences shared in a fun, collaborative, and joyful way!

 Joy comes also from helping others, and our students and families were beautifully generous in donating various food items to give to the local organization, Gifts of Love. G.O.L. helps families in need around our region, and I think we all appreciate the fact that the impact is immediate and right in our towns. You know I’m often at the front door at drop-off, and it’s been such a wonderful feeling having our students lugging in (often quite heavy!) bags of canned foods, pasta, sauces, cereal, and so forth, and dropping them excitedly into the various bins in our lobby, proudly talking about how this was going to provide support for those in need.

Finally, in order to keep this good-vibe going, a reminder about some of the pragmatics of keeping our kids (and therefore their friends and adults in the building) healthy. You’ve likely heard in the media about this year’s flu season getting off to an early, rapid start, and we’ve definitely seen that here at RBS. As a household with school age kids, I get the challenge of child care on a personal level; but I please must ask that you do not send your child to school if they are not feeling well, and keep them out until they are better. On our end, we’re doing what we do this time of year, every year, which is ramping up cleaning protocols, encouraging hand-washing – all the things we’re well versed in these days.


Thank you for your help with that, and we wish you a wonderful weekend!
-Noam, Susan, and the whole RBS Team!