Blazer's Bulletin 10/21/22

October 21, 2022

Dear RBS Family,

I generally try to avoid the time-suck that can be social media (to admittedly-mixed results…). But every so often a piece or story makes it worth the scrolling. A local author who I had the pleasure of working together with years ago posted a short essay recently about the mysterious human habit of inching along in a coffee-shop drive-thru line for 15 minutes+, when the counter inside was all but empty and probably would have let you grab your “large iced, light and sweet” in maybe 45 seconds… His point being, “dontcha have something better to do in this very limited time we have to live our lives than wasting it doing that?!”

It might be in part that with a birthday in a few days that very formally brings me into my late-40’s, I’ve been thinking more on how to allocate that goes-too-fast time – being present for and soaking up the chances to see Gabi play defense on the field hockey turf, listening to Lucas squeak out new notes on his clarinet, helping my own mother book a ticket to see some old friends in L.A. while they (and she says this laughingly) “still know who each other actually is!” As we hit the 20% mark of the school year today (yup, we’re already at that point!), I hope that every member of the RBS community has a chance to breathe, enjoy the moments before us, and spend time in ways that matter the most!

And mid-October here means a lot of wonderful things taking place here! We just hosted a fantastic “All-School Assembly” yesterday, where we talked about goal setting, learned about Diwali, and celebrated examples of “Hope” – it’s fantastic being able to bring everyone together again in our gymnasium this year. We’ll host our Kindergarten Halloween parade both here at RBS and taking a quick mini-field-trip up to Avon High School to have our K ghosts and goblins parade around there too! And my continued thanks to our PTO, most recently for helping host our annual “State of the School” parent meeting – it was wonderful to see such a great turn out! Also, coming up from PTO under what we might call a “Stay Tuned” wrapper: The RBS PTO will be hosting a student drop-off fundraising event, “Snowed In” on Friday, December 16th from 5:00 – 8:00 PM – more info will be coming!

Be sure check out the connected note about the upcoming Community Fest as well – all great examples of ways to spend our time more meaningfully than in the Starbucks drive-through ??! Enjoy this beautiful fall weekend, and remember, no school on Monday as we recognize Diwali.

With our continued thanks and appreciation,

Noam, Susan, and the whole RBS Team