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Roaring Brook School

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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Roaring Brook School! RBS is a vibrant, dynamic, and high-performing school in the Avon Public School district. All members of RBS work hard to provide an engaging, challenging, and fun "home-away-from-home" for over 500 students ranging from Pre-Kindergartner up to Fourth Grade. The true hallmark of Roaring Brook is that all members of our community - teachers, staff, families, and our students, see themselves as a connected, cohesive unit - a true "RBS family!" Our students know they are loved and cared for, work with teachers who ensure that learning is filled with joy and passion, and experience a place where a commitment to excellence, personal integrity, and social responsibility is part of our daily life here.

RBS benefits from being part of the Avon Public Schools in that we have a highly trained and experienced staff, a deep and on-going commitment to the use of the best curriculum and teaching strategies around, thoughtful incorporation of assessment to guide - but not overwhelm - instruction, and a deep seated belief that a love for lifelong learning happens when students love the work they're in right now! Come see us and learn more about how we work every day to help make our children's dreams come true!


 Susan Horvath